1. Have several pieces of paper ready
  2. Make sure you have relieable writing utensils
  3. Have you calculator handy
  4. Have the questions from the previous night out

During lecture

  1. Listen for important points and summarize in your own words. Do not try to write everything!
  2. Write down summary of any examples or demos
  3. Write down any definitions or problems written on the board
  4. Write any questions you have in the margins
  5. Write answers to previous night's questions as they are covered
  6. Ask the teacher any questions that aren't answered before moving to a new topic

After Lecture

  1. Try to see how concepts apply to lab or calculations
  2. Think about how the new idea relates to previously learned ideas
  3. Try to think of connections between the new topic and previous ones that were not directly discussed
  4. Try to predict what will be covered next based on the progression of the course
  5. Look for any gaps in your understanding and focus on them during that night's studying