What is the purpose of labs?

  1. Labs are designed to give a hands-on task related to a concept
  2. They are meant to allow the student to process information in a different way by making it visual or tactile
  3. Students should have a better idea of the concept and how it relates other topics upon completion
  4. Labs demonstrate how pieces of equipment can be used to collect data, and help determine which are better to use for certain tasks.
  5. Labs mimic the work that the real scientists did or currently do in order to collect the same types of data and draw the same conclusions.

Why must they be organized?

  1. The scientific process is an organized process so labs should mimic that
  2. The data needs to be complete and organized to make it useable for the scientist, and able to be followed by anyone else who views it
  3. The process used to collect the data has a direct impact on the accuracy and usefulness of the data and therefore is significant
  4. Calculations or graphs need to be neat and organized in order to properly defend the conclusions that are drawn from them
  5. Errors need to be clearly identified from the procedure or calculations to show the validity of the experiment
  6. The conclusion needs to be clear and all inclusive of the data collected and cannot discuss things untested

I'm done with the lab, now what?

  1. Make sure your conclusion ties in with a concept that was covered in the class
  2. Make sure you know how it relates to the concept covered in the class
  3. Make sure you understand how to use all equipment from the lab, and understand what type of data can be collected from them
  4. Determine whether your conclusion correctly matches the concept in class
  5. Brainstorm things that can be done with the procedure to improve results even if the equipment or procedure is not available to you in school
  6. Write down any questions that you have related to the lab (not just lab questions but the concept as well) and make sure they are addressed by the teacher
  7. Review the lab papers before any quizzes, tests, and especially before the final to ensure you still understand the concept
Lab error?