1. The first step is always to think about all background information that you have up to that point
  2. Think of a problem that needs to be solved or an idea that needs to be developed
  3. Come up with a theory (hypothesis) on what the explanation will be
  4. Design an experiment that tests for that single problem and no others
  5. Collect the data from that experiment
  6. Do several trials to eliminate error and ensure that your data is reproducable
  7. Use your data to make a graph to show trends or do calculations to give a mathematical solution
  8. Draw a conclusion from your data as to what the answer to the problem is, or what the explanation to the idea is
  9. List all possible errors that effect results and how much of a factor they were
  10. Publish your data and allow others to determine if there are limitations or inconsistancies
  11. Determine the next step that your conclusion takes you to (the next problem)